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T8 Online Casino Banking Deposit & Withdraw Terms & Conditions


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1. All deposit and withdrawal processing time are subject to online banking availability.

2. Please be inform that large withdrawal amount might take longer processing time.

3. All deposit had to be claimed within 24 hours whereas unclaimed deposit amount after 24 hours will be forfeited without prior notice.

4. Deposit through cash deposit machine method must upload deposit receipt attachment when submit deposit request.

5. Deposit through Online Transfer must fill in Account Name which is name of the person who make the transfer. Account name must be same with registered name in T8 Online Casino.

6. All deposit has to undergo verification process & T8 Online Casino has the right to verify all deposit for proof of payment.

7. Withdrawal funds is to be transfer to Bank Account Holder’s Name same with Registered name in T8 Online Casino only. Different name may subject to delay, funds being forfeited or funds being frozen by T8 Online Casino.

8. All withdraw per day limit is 3 times. Count by 12am-11:59pm daily.

9. Third party Bank Account Holder’s Name for deposit & withdrawal will not be accepted.

10. Please email a request with valid reason if you wish to use third party Bank Account Holder’s name for deposit & withdrawal but decision is subject to management’s approval.

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